It is a cold winter day in Burlington Vermont a few days before christmas. Inspired by a friend’s facebook post that encouraged me to do something for others rather than buy her a gift, a vision popped into my mind.

FullSizeRender (2)Despite some fear and insecurity, I stood on Church st, blindfolded, open hearted and arms held wide. Next to me was a sign that read “When seen just as you are, Only love remains. I see you. Do you see me? Hug me if you do.”

Staying grounded in each moment, meeting each person, matching their energy. To let go of the stories that would come up about what I was doing and who these people were, in my mind I repeated “Only Love is Real.”  With each hug the selfishness in my heart melted a little. Observing that I could not see who was hugging me, my mind did not have the chance to put them into a box of someone I would like or dislike. Just two bodies meeting in space, not knowing who they are, allowing me to see them just as they are. Until only love remained.


FullSizeRenderThis practice helped me to see how often I am making judgments about others on a subtle level. That there are those who I make an effort to give my love to, those who are just strangers that I don’t really care about and those who I don’t identify with and would rather stay away from. Not only do I make these judgments without noticing it, but these judgments limits the love that I allow to flow out into the world.

Removing the sense of sight I was left with only the sensations in my body. This allowed me to release these judgments and connect to something deeper. Something that has always been there, an intention, a motivation to love each person equally. I did not know who they were and they didn’t know who I was. But that didn’t matter, one by one they still came and I could feel them. Knowing that each person just wants to love and be loved. Each person wants to make a connection. Each person wants to feel supported in their bodies.

To do something like this requires the ability to stay grounded and connected, remaining equanimous with the various sensations that come and go. To be fully present and embodied. These are the foundational skills we explore in the Yoga of True Embodiment. In the last session using dance ,eye gazing and talking in circle we will explore this embodiment while in connection with others. To see them just as they are, until only love remains.

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