Somatic Energetic Alignment Coaching with Danny

Are you bogged down by your wounded parts, feeling disconnected from your true self? Have you felt that your healing would unfold a certain way, only to be stymied when it didn’t and wondering if you were “wrong”? 


If you’re confused, doubting yourself and thinking you are your problems, there is a simple path forward.


Acknowledge ~ Stop Resisting ~ Become Aware ~ Heal into Greater Clarity, Love, and Alignment


Learning to be with ourselves in meditation is important, but it isn’t enough. I help you turn meditation into a ground for integrating and repatterning the parts of yourself you’re still struggling with.

What To Expect


Whether it’s one session or many over the span of years, working with Danny is open-ended.

There are no minimum or maximum number of sessions or packages.

This freedom supports your path and keeps the Authority and Trust in your hands, where it belongs.

Danny guides you through these steps:

  1. Recognizing that healing isn’t a rigid process, stay curious & open
  2. Being able to distinguish between Awareness and Attention
  3. Being able to Sense into your body, to feel directly what’s happening for you, and to communicate that experience
  4. Being able to feel the energy of different parts of yourself. Identify what it feels like when it shows up in your body. Simultaneously feel what it feels like to not be identified with yourself 
  5. Being open and clear and present, without a part of yourself hijacking the process

Your part: 

  1. To be present
  2. To slow down


Whatever comes up for you matters and plays a significant role. We trust that.

Alignment is Your Outcome

As your practice progresses and deepens, you are able to stay grounded more frequently and come from your true self. 


You’re able to be open, clear, and centered inside. 


Getting triggered and identifying with your wounded parts happens less frequently and for shorter durations. 


You are more aware of your wounded parts and you actively relate with them, without letting them dictate your response. 

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Danny Zohar Morris

Danny Zohar Morris

Somatic + Energetic Alignment Coach

Growing up, I had an undeniable sense that I am here for a reason, and that one day the world would know my name. Being a sensitive child, I seemed to be aware of things that others were not. Confused that others didn’t seem to operate that way, I felt like I was somehow different. 

After many years working as a successful engineer for IBM, I left my corporate career behind to further explore the path to awakening through meditation and yoga. I knew I needed to find a teacher. 

This led me on a journey that spanned the globe. From Thailand to Nepal, India and Vermont, I immersed myself in months-long meditation retreats at various monasteries, learning from great teachers and finding resonance in body and mind. Each teacher led me to new discoveries and awareness of myself. Finally, my journey led me back to the states and eventually to study in Boulder, Colorado, where I learned how to use meditation to heal trauma in the body. I had come full circle, from disassociating my life from its humanness as a way of moving beyond the pain, to being fully aware of my humanness and my interconnection to others as a way of healing the pain. 

With the integration of the interpersonal work from circling and the trauma skills from Bridging Soma and Soul, I am able to offer something unique: the integration of awakening through meditation, healing through trauma, and opening to vulnerable human connection. 

Studying at the Luminous Awareness Institute has given me an even deeper framework for understanding how healing and awakening happens, and how to use my own energetic gifts to support others in their process. It is the deepest integration of this kind of work that I have found in my years of searching. Now, as a trained Spiritual + Somatic Awareness coach, I help others on the path of awakening and the energetic healing and transformation of the human in all of us.