Do you have a mindfulness practice, but are wondering why it still hasn’t healed some of the wounds you’re carrying?

Book an intro coaching session and learn how to:


  • Welcome your discomfort without resistance

  • Stay with your experience without dissociating from it

  • Love the parts of yourself you’ve been rejecting

  • Realize your patterns and beliefs are not who you are

  • Trust your body’s natural healing intelligence

  • Heal from your wounds and step into your gifts


Wounds created in relationship need to be healed in relationship. Learning to be with ourselves in meditation is important, but it isn’t enough. I help you turn meditation into a ground for integrating and repatterning the parts of yourself you’re still struggling with.

What to Expect:

  • Ask questions and work through one part or issue you’re struggling with.

  • No packages or commitments. We work on a session by session basis. 

  • You have the autonomy and authority to make a decision for yourself on whether or not this is working for you. 

  • No guarantees or promises. The work is never completed, it’s about growing Awareness & connecting to your true self. I’m along for the journey as long as you want me on the path with you. 

Schedule a 1-hour Intro Session via Zoom or In-person.


  • We will explore your practice.

  • We will get a sense of whether or not we’re a good fit energetically, personality-wise, and experience-wise.

  • You will have a very short practice, experiential taste of what it’s like to do a session with Danny. We might not get to the root of something, but if we do, that’s a bonus! 

  • Come away with an awareness of a pattern you have or that you are stuck on. Gain new ways to relate to that pattern differently that will help you heal.


"Meditation coaching from Danny Morris has been, without a doubt, the best investment I have made in my life.

I have been working with them for two and a half years, and my practice has flourished under their care. I can point to three primary reasons for this:

First, they helped me navigate out of countless dead ends that I was unaware I was in. Examples include: misunderstanding technique instructions, holding on to limited beliefs and perspectives, and doing things the hard way when there was an easier way available.

Secondly, they guided me through techniques that were well beyond what I could do on my own at the time. This gave me direct experience of what the next stages of my practice could be like, and showed me a way to get there. Sometimes I could implement those techniques immediately after our sessions. Other times it took months of practice. Either way, I had a clear idea of what was possible, and motivation to work towards it.

Third and most importantly, they provided support when I needed it the most, allowing me to face challenges I was unable to face on my own. Challenges that included: dealing with intense physical pain, letting go of ego identification, and surfacing and processing deeply held emotional trauma.

Throughout our work, Danny has exhibited outstanding personal characteristics.

They are well versed in a wide array of meditation traditions and practices, and have helped me translate and integrate what I learned from various teachers and systems.

They have treated me as a peer, and consistently incorporated my input in deciding what and how we practice.

They admit when they don't know something, and have been willing to question their assumptions.They have been a model of authenticity and transparency, and have freely shared their thoughts and feelings around sensitive subjects.

They Open Source (pun intended) the techniques and practices they teach, and haven't placed restrictions on using or sharing them.

Above all, they have been kind, caring, compassionate, humble, generous, and insightful in all of our interactions.

It has been a joy to work with Danny, and I highly recommend them as a meditation coach."


"Working with Danny was from the first session transformative, and continues to be so. To set some context - I’ve had a meditation practice for 20 years, which had helped me grow in compassion and become more aware of my body-mind process. However what didn’t shift from that practice was severe social anxiety – I was able to go inwards to self-soothe with my breath, however the perceptions of what others were thinking of me were often still there, and I could escape for a certain time. There was also some childhood trauma beneath that anxiety which had been partially but not fully processed.

Sessions with Danny were from the first moment like a guided, embodied meditation, where the focus is on feeling the bodily sensations most alive at the time, bringing awareness to them, allowing spaciousness to arise, and in doing so, the headline of what had seemed like a surface storyline often drops deeper into old memories or feelings. Danny skillfully weaves my awareness around this process with love and care.

It is a difficult process to describe as there is no set structure, and it seems to flow from whatever is arising at the time. But the results for me have been more insight into the tensions and blocks I am holding, an ability to be with them without pushing them away, a feeling of being more integrated in my being. And from this place of integration, feeling more centered, grounded, and confident in my ability to move beyond my traumas and the states and long held patterns triggered by them.

Danny’s sessions have been an integral part of my healing journey and I feel like a shift in my consciousness has occurred after each session. For that I am truly grateful."


I have been working with Danny for almost two years.  Working with Danny has been truly transformative for me.  I've had many other therapists and coaches over the years, and I have made far more progress with Danny than with anybody else.  

When we started, my goal was to do focused IFS work and to get more in touch with my emotions.  For the first few months, our work was on surface issues, as I was still too detached from my emotions to dig into or even recognize the deeper issues in my life.  As time went on, Danny helped me get in touch with my authentic self, and we dug into deeper and deeper issues.  While Danny helped me identify and heal the exiles and protectors of my Internal Family System, we also started to delve into me identifying and standing up for my needs in my relationship.  A typical session starts with me unloading all the things that have been happening in my life since our last meeting, and Danny is always able to immediately hone in on the underlying issue that needs the most attention right now.  His insights are always spot on.  His focus is on supporting me and my needs, drawing me back to my center and away from my codependent concerns about meeting someone else's needs at the expense of my own.

These last several months have been especially transformative.  I have connected to my true center, and have started to understand who I really am.  While I never expected a spiritual awakening to come from my work with Danny, that's exactly what happened in one of our recent sessions…I connected with a deeper part of myself and with something else that I can only describe as a Higher Power.  I had always heard that one must love themself before they can love another, but I had never been able to do that.  I had always felt unworthy of love.  I disliked myself and held myself in contempt.  In that session with Danny, for the first time in my life, I felt a deep sense of love and acceptance of myself, just as I am.  It was so overwhelming, tears were streaming down my face as I experienced this love and acceptance.  This is not something that Danny was intentionally leading me towards (or was he?), it was just something that happened as I connected with my true self.

Since then, my life is growing in new and exciting ways.  I am constantly amazed by Danny's breadth of knowledge about just about any aspect of emotional and spiritual health.  He is always able to help me with things I had not expected.  He is helping with my addictions, surviving the heartbreak of a failed marriage, and my emotional and spiritual reawakening.  I have come to count on Danny as my most trusted advisor.  His warmth and genuine caring have made me feel I have a true ally in my journey in self-development.  I feel truly grateful for Danny and the growth I have experienced in working with him.


~ Steve 

Danny is an incredibly skilled and compassionate practitioner. From the very first session, I felt seen and heard by Danny.

They have a gift for creating a safe and nurturing space that allowed me to explore deep emotions and experiences. Danny's expertise in therapy, healing, and spirituality is impressive.

They bring a deep understanding of psychology and spirituality into their work, which has helped me to navigate some of the most challenging moments of my life.

What I appreciate most about Danny is their ability to hold space for me and create a supportive and non-judgmental environment. They are an excellent listener and have a talent for asking thought-provoking questions that help me to gain new insights and perspectives.

Danny is also highly attuned to issues of identity, diversity, and inclusion. They bring a level of sensitivity and understanding to their work that is truly remarkable.

Overall, I can't recommend Danny highly enough. They are a gifted practitioner who has helped me to grow and transform in ways that I never thought possible. If you are looking for a someone who can provide a safe and nurturing space for growth and healing, I highly recommend Danny. 

~ Ryan C.

I've been working with Danny for several months now. We've been working on a number of areas that are all interrelated, such as meditative awareness, insight and awakening, (emotional/attachment) trauma, authenticity, shame and anger, core-energetics, somatic/embodiment work and transgenerational trauma.

I consistently experience a great level of empathy, compassion and care from Danny in our sessions. What I really get from them is the sense that they have worked through a lot of their own trauma and conditioning as well as coming a significant way towards waking up, and that they are genuinely committed to supporting others on their own path towards healing, becoming whole, and waking up. I especially appreciate that Danny is authentic, grounded and real.

I'm quite allergic to vacuous, new-agey psycho-babble B.S. and there is none of that with them, even though we've been working on a some fairly esoteric, far-out-there things. They don't just talk about nice sounding things like authenticity, awareness and compassion; they actually embody these things.

Danny feels like an integrated, mature, and authentic person to me. They have a lot of training and knowledge but also have no problem acknowledging when something falls out of their zone of expertise and they don't claim to have all the answers, which I find reassuring. They are comfortable owning their own patterns & conditioning when they show up in a session and are genuinely open to receiving feedback about things that I'm uncomfortable with.

On a related note, Danny consistently shows up in an attuned, well-boundaried way, which has helped me to feel (at least relatively/somewhat) safe, something that I haven't been able to achieve in most other relationships of this kind, even after significantly longer periods of working together. I've learned and grown a lot from my work with Danny and I can highly recommend working with Danny if you're interested in any of their areas of expertise.

~ Martin Z.

"I like to think I'm very sensitive to "healers" with a self-serving agenda, and I can't tolerate it. When Danny puts his attention on me, his support and guidance feels totally "clean," which I experience as a complete lack of resistance to his support.

I'm excited because I'm already experiencing a new freedom.

For all of my life, I have experienced the world as if I am set to the "devour/consume everything" mode. This has lead to me being overweight, addicted, and totally distracted. As hard as I tried to stop this pattern, it always felt like self-denial, and pressure would build up until I launched into another binge. So my life looks like the management of 4 moderately destructive addictions, with relationship, career, community, and family squeezed in wherever they fit, with a lot of volatility and no secure spot for any of those.

It feels like Danny saw me and understood this, and then gently guided my hand to a dial on my "control panel" that I had never noticed before. The dial was cranked to 11, or "devour the world." He showed me how to start turning it down toward a setting that is still so new that I'm not sure what to call it, but maybe something like "be with the world." As I dial down, a LOT of stuff comes up, and Danny helped me work with that stuff very skillfully. Since then, I have been able to consistently find the dial on my own, and I have gotten a lot of relief from just bumping it down a little bit. Not so far that I end up going into the wild deep unprocessed, but far enough down that it feels much easier to pause and rest rather than keep swiping, scrolling, seeking, or snacking.

What a relief! I feel hopeful in an arena where I had lost hope."


I've worked with Danny for a little over two years and seen a number of real benefits to my well-being from our work together.

Danny is a deeply intuitive healer and listener who really cares about the work he does with clients. We've done a lot of work together using internal family systems, somatic experiencing, self-awareness, etc.

Danny has helped me make important long-term improvements to my life (e.g., inner child wounds) and also has been great to work with when hard life things come up (e.g., relationships not working well etc.).

I highly recommend Danny to anyone interested in the areas where he focuses.

~ John N.

"Over the years I’ve done a lot of different types of therapy and healing modalities, and can move comfortably between approaches and philosophies. And yet, many of these focused on what was going on in my head. Learning to decipher what my body is saying requires a different sort of knowing and guidance. 

Danny did a fantastic job of both helping me navigate this new terrain, and holding space for me as I worked through a multitude of feelings and emotions. They were present and fearless when I processed a messy, painful experience compounded by the pandemic, and helped me integrate it, along with some of the older traumas and wounds I carried. They sat with me when I was crying and angry and at my worst emotionally, and encouraged me to slow down and figure out how I needed to care for myself. As a result, I’m much better at tuning in to what my body is telling me and listening to its wisdom. 

There are many paths to take to lead a happy and satisfying life, and thousands of options when it comes to finding an adept guide or teacher. Before I began working with them, I was impressed by Danny’s years of deep devotion to self-awareness, and broad range of life experiences. When we began working together, it was clear that not only had they done the work, they had integrated it and used it to become a perceptive coach. I would work with them again in a heartbeat. "

~ Epiphany

"Danny has a multifaceted capability to be deeply present within himself, while holding space for my sacred journey.  There is also a visceral sensation of Danny’s perceptive listening to hear just underneath the surface of words; to hear my many words ... unleashed in a seemingly endless stream of consciousness. Within this, he hears what is often unspoken and invites an immediate connection to my body’s own knowledge. 

There are many confusing paths as we encounter the offerings of a wide variety of practitioners, modalities and teachings.  This can be overwhelming when combined with past traumatic messages within our body.  Danny is unique in how he can simplify this path and continuously shares his intelligent perspective, tender empathy, along with his deep knowledge of the body-mind and trauma cycles.  He guides my wonderings to a personal, energetic felt-sense.  It is through this process that my essence is safely explored, discovered, investigated and directly experienced.  

Sometimes I will write something down, but it is not necessary because moments with Danny are remembered through my body’s innate wisdom.  Healing arrives as I rewire the neural pathways of my brain through this powerful practice.  

Danny has been a tremendous gift in my life, as I acknowledge and trust the beauty of my own intuition.  He celebrates the purpose of a spiritual life as an action in the world, in all our exquisite and individual expressions. "


"Danny has changed how I see coaching. Previously, I was hesitant to engage in the process, because I didn't want someone just telling me what to do.

Danny's approach is laid-back and genuine. Instead of giving me a to-do list, he listened deeply to my needs and desires and suggested a couple of practices to add to what I am already practicing. I had a sense of being deeply seen, heard and safe.

I've often experienced dissociation and Danny was able to guide me in differentiating between practices that would bring connection with my body instead of those that would lead to further dissociation. I am finding a deeper sense of embodiment, the opportunity to pause and observe thoughts as they arise as well as liberation from my stories and a sense of deep joy.

I observe ease in connecting with others, being present and really listening. Danny has an incredible gift for communicating clearly and making practices that can sometimes seem mysterious approachable and available.

I value how he radiates peace and presence. His practical and embodied approach to mindfulness is refreshing. "


Deeper connection to yourself and others

Relaxed full body aliveness

Unshakeable inner confidance

Open spacious awarness

Open hearted loving presence

Focus and concentration

Unconditional happiness

Trust in your experience

This Initial session is my gift to you. In this session, we will explore your practice and determine if we are a good fit to work together. If you always wanted a personal guide in your meditation practice and healing support to work through challenges, why not see what that might be like?

Choose a day and time below that you are free to meet via Zoom. I will contact you with details about our meeting.  

Danny Zohar Morris

Danny Zohar Morris

Somatic + Energetic Alignment Coach

Growing up, I had an undeniable sense that I am here for a reason, and that one day the world would know my name. Being a sensitive child, I seemed to be aware of things that others were not. Confused that others didn’t seem to operate that way, I felt like I was somehow different. 

After many years working as a successful engineer for IBM, I left my corporate career behind to further explore the path to awakening through meditation and yoga. I knew I needed to find a teacher. 

This led me on a journey that spanned the globe. From Thailand to Nepal, India and Vermont, I immersed myself in months-long meditation retreats at various monasteries, learning from great teachers and finding resonance in body and mind. Each teacher led me to new discoveries and awareness of myself. Finally, my journey led me back to the states and eventually to study in Boulder, Colorado, where I learned how to use meditation to heal trauma in the body. I had come full circle, from disassociating my life from its humanness as a way of moving beyond the pain, to being fully aware of my humanness and my interconnection to others as a way of healing the pain. 

With the integration of the interpersonal work from circling and the trauma skills from Bridging Soma and Soul, I am able to offer something unique: the integration of awakening through meditation, healing through trauma, and opening to vulnerable human connection. 

Studying at the Luminous Awareness Institute has given me an even deeper framework for understanding how healing and awakening happens, and how to use my own energetic gifts to support others in their process. It is the deepest integration of this kind of work that I have found in my years of searching. Now, as a trained Spiritual + Somatic Awareness coach, I help others on the path of awakening and the energetic healing and transformation of the human in all of us.