Resting Together - Cuddle Coregulation Attachment Repair

What To Expect


Welcome to a weekly drop-in meditative space, to experience the magic of co-regulation and receive the medicine of wellbeing to heal the attachment system.

In my work over the last couple of years supporting people in healing their attachment wounds, using a somatic / energetic approach, it is has become clear how powerful and important this work is and how there are just not enough healers to meet the demand for the time it actually takes to deeply heal these patterns.

Given that I feel excited to empower people who are already in committed partnerships of some kind even if it’s just platonic to learn how to slow down, attune and create a feeling of wellbeing and safety in connection with each other.

There is a magic feeling that arises from the body when those conditions are met, and spending time feeling it and letting it fill your body, is one of the ways of repatterning the attachment system.

This will be a drop in experience, where you can join via zoom in the comfort of your own space. You will need a partner or partners (more than two is just fine!) to practice with. This doesn’t have to be a romantic partner or any particular gender; it can be a friend or anyone who wants to do this work together. Because we are dealing with attachment here, it is recommended that this be a person you know well and have already developed some trust and safety with.

You will be led through a meditative cuddling practice, that gives you time to slow down and find a sense of restful connection, where the goal is not to escalate physical intimacy, but to find a deep sense of rest, safety and connection.

I really love the idea of people all over the world joining in to cuddle, coregulate and find a sense of wellbeing in connection together. You don’t need to engage the zoom in anyway, you don’t even need to turn your video on. This is just for you to receive the experience with your partner and engage in whatever way feels right for you.

Please consider making a donation for this experience. Your support makes it possible to provide this offering without cost upfront to make it accessible.
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Whats involved in the practice?

*Grounding and connecting to self*
The first step in the process of cuddle coregulation attachment repair, is learning to be with yourself and feeling held by the earth.

When you think cuddling with a partner the first thing you might go to is connection, wanting to be close to them, wanting to give something or wanting to receive something.

We often miss this crucial first step of pausing and grounding ourselves. Learning how to be in your own body, your own center, and feel held and supported by the earth before you even engaged with your partner.

This way you’re both coming to the experience from a grounded place of already feeling held, and whatever unfolds in the connection is there to enhance and deepen.

This is the basis that everything else is built on.

*Learning to stay in your center*

After grounding and connecting to yourself, the next step of cuddle coregulation attachment repair is staying connected to your own center.

What happens when you try to connect with another? Often when we put our attention on someone else, we can leave our own center and disconnect from ourselves trying to pay attention to them.

When we disconnect from ourselves it’s hard to know what is happening for us and how regulated our nervous system is feeling.

The best way to offer a sense of saftey and regulation to someone else is to make sure you are cultivating it in yourself.

Learning how to attune and connect to another while not leaving your own center might feel foreign, but it’s a totally learnable skill. One that we will explore in depth in this practice.

Staying in your center while in connection is a key feature of secure attachment.

*Attune and listen*

After Connecting to yourself, feeling held by the earth, and staying in your own center, the next step of Cuddle Co-regulation Attachment Repair is learning how to attune and listen to your partners nervous system at the points of contact.

What does it mean to attune to another? What does it mean to listen to what is already happening?
Attuning is a process of non-doing, of allowing, of noticing what is already there.

If when we think about connecting with a partner, we feel like we have to do something to connect, to push or pull energetically we are not being attuned to what is being asked for.

When you’re trying to coregulate in a cuddle if you are trying to make something else happen that’s not already happening, you’re interfering with the process.

What is required however is that we learn to listen, not with our ears but with the whole body. That we show up with our presence and communicate to our partner that we are here and that we are listening.

When all parties involved are present, attuned and listening to each other bodies, the rest of it does itself.

When we are secure in the connection it’s easy to trust this process.

When our attachment patterns come up it is hard to really lean in and trust. There are parts of us that really feel something needs to be done to get the connection you want.

*Cuddling and embodied spacious awareness*

One of the themes I explore in this practice is how spacious awareness can enhance your cuddle experience and support the healing of the attachment system.

I have been a meditator for many years and learning how to access spacious awareness has been by far the most powerful and impactful skill I have learned in that journey.

It offers the experience of being connected to something much, much larger than yourself. Where the quality of your being is vast and boundless. It can sometimes feel like your body is gone and all that is, is energy space and awareness.

If you have ever sat with a teacher who really embodies this quality, you might notice that it has an impact on your system. That when this way of being is embodied it actually affects the space around you and the field in which other people share.

When you share this experience with another, when you bring it in while you are cuddling, it can have a profound impact on your sense of ease and saftey.

Learning how to access a spacious awareness that is not necessarily unbound and infinite but embodied and spacious enough to include your partner, allows your nervous systems to deeply communicate.

If both partners in the cuddle expand their sense of awareness to include each other, more information is available to the system as a whole. After that the process of Co regulation does itself. two nervous systems become a shared nervous system with awareness as the space that holds both.

This is one of the simplest yet most profound meditation techniques, and when you apply it to cuddling and connection with your partner the nourishment you receive will be a gift your body has been asking for.

Danny Zohar Morris

Danny Zohar Morris

Somatic + Energetic Alignment Coach

Growing up, I had an undeniable sense that I am here for a reason, and that one day the world would know my name. Being a sensitive child, I seemed to be aware of things that others were not. Confused that others didn’t seem to operate that way, I felt like I was somehow different. 

After many years working as a successful engineer for IBM, I left my corporate career behind to further explore the path to awakening through meditation and yoga. I knew I needed to find a teacher. 

This led me on a journey that spanned the globe. From Thailand to Nepal, India and Vermont, I immersed myself in months-long meditation retreats at various monasteries, learning from great teachers and finding resonance in body and mind. Each teacher led me to new discoveries and awareness of myself. Finally, my journey led me back to the states and eventually to study in Boulder, Colorado, where I learned how to use meditation to heal trauma in the body. I had come full circle, from disassociating my life from its humanness as a way of moving beyond the pain, to being fully aware of my humanness and my interconnection to others as a way of healing the pain. 

With the integration of the interpersonal work from circling and the trauma skills from Bridging Soma and Soul, I am able to offer something unique: the integration of awakening through meditation, healing through trauma, and opening to vulnerable human connection. 

Studying at the Luminous Awareness Institute has given me an even deeper framework for understanding how healing and awakening happens, and how to use my own energetic gifts to support others in their process. It is the deepest integration of this kind of work that I have found in my years of searching. Now, as a trained Spiritual + Somatic Awareness coach, I help others on the path of awakening and the energetic healing and transformation of the human in all of us.