Awaken to your gifts. Trust your path & process. Expand your meditation. Find connection.

Heal your attachment and developmental trauma to love the parts of yourself that you’ve been waiting for others to love.
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It is time to resolve old patterns of being and responding that are holding you back.

    • If you have been frustrated that meditation alone hasn’t resolved the core of your suffering, then it’s time to do something different.


    • Together, we build on the work you’ve already done, using what is working for you and deconditioning beliefs that were put on you without your consent.


    • When we allow ourselves to acknowledge the reality of any problem, and stop resisting it, the path forward is lived by us.

    Danny Z. Morris is a healer and a somatic + energetic alignment coach. Their work is to help individuals open, connect, and trust in order to heal.

    “I’ve walked this path. In fact, I’m STILL walking this path towards awareness and transformation. My approach towards your healing weaves together the spiritual & energetic with the scientific and grounded, pulling from multiple modalities to find the right method for each individual. This unique approach has real impact as we integrate nervous system regulation, secure attachment, intimacy and energetics into a self-awareness framework using the power of meditation + somatic awareness to repattern. “

    As your guide, I walk with you to separate your Awareness, Your Self, from the problems in your life. We all have multiple parts of ourselves, but there’s a place within us that isn’t a part. It’s who we really are. 


    We all carry burdens. Some were put on us, some we picked up. Part of our life path is to heal, integrate, and grow. There’s a path-of-unfolding unique to each person.


    Ultimately the authority for your Awareness, Your SELF, is within you. 


    Let’s reconnect you to your true self — your best authority —  for full healing and connection.


    Work with me

    “Meditation coaching from Danny Morris has been, without a doubt, the best investment I have made in my life…they provided support when I needed it the most, allowing me to face challenges I was unable to face on my own. Challenges that included: dealing with intense physical pain, letting go of ego identification, and surfacing and processing deeply held emotional trauma. Above all, they have been kind, caring, compassionate, humble, generous, and insightful in all of our interactions.” ~ Scott

    “Danny has a multifaceted capability to be deeply present within themselves, while holding space for my sacred journey. There are many confusing paths as we encounter the offerings of a wide variety of practitioners, modalities and teachings. Danny is unique in how they can simplify this path and continuously shares their intelligent perspective, tender empathy, along with their deep knowledge of the body-mind and trauma cycles.” ~ Linda


    “Danny has changed how I see coaching. Previously, I was hesitant to engage in the process, because I didn’t want someone just telling me what to do. Danny’s approach is laid-back and genuine. Instead of giving me a to-do list, he listened deeply to my needs and desires and suggested a couple of practices to add to what I am already practicing. I’ve often experienced dissociation and Danny was able to guide me in differentiating between practices that would bring connection with my body instead of those that would lead to further dissociation.” ~ Leslie