Danny Zohar Morris is an awakening and embodiment coach.

A healer working with attachment and developmental trauma.

A supporter of beings opening to their energetic gifts and finding embodied connection.

Book an intro coaching session and learn how to:

  • Welcome your discomfort without resistance

  • Stay with your experience without dissociating from it

  • Love the parts of yourself you’ve been rejecting

  • Realize your patterns and beliefs are not who you are

  • Trust your body’s natural healing intelligence

  • Heal from your wounds and step into your gifts 

Meditation coaching from Danny Morris has been, without a doubt, the best investment I have made in my life.

I have been working with them for two and a half years, and my practice has flourished under their care. I can point to three primary reasons for this:

First, they helped me navigate out of countless dead ends that I was unaware I was in. Examples include: misunderstanding technique instructions, holding on to limited beliefs and perspectives, and doing things the hard way when there was an easier way available.

Secondly, they guided me through techniques that were well beyond what I could do on my own at the time. This gave me direct experience of what the next stages of my practice could be like, and showed me a way to get there. Sometimes I could implement those techniques immediately after our sessions. Other times it took months of practice. Either way, I had a clear idea of what was possible, and motivation to work towards it.

Third and most importantly, they provided support when I needed it the most, allowing me to face challenges I was unable to face on my own. Challenges that included: dealing with intense physical pain, letting go of ego identification, and surfacing and processing deeply held emotional trauma.

Throughout our work, Danny has exhibited outstanding personal characteristics.

They are well versed in a wide array of meditation traditions and practices, and have helped me translate and integrate what I learned from various teachers and systems.

They have treated me as a peer, and consistently incorporated my input in deciding what and how we practice.

They admit when they don’t know something, and have been willing to question their assumptions.

They have been a model of authenticity and transparency, and have freely shared their thoughts and feelings around sensitive subjects.

They Open Source (pun intended) the techniques and practices they teach, and haven’t placed restrictions on using or sharing them.

Above all, they have been kind, caring, compassionate, humble, generous, and insightful in all of our interactions.

It has been a joy to work with Danny, and I highly recommend them as a meditation coach.


Danny has a multifaceted capability to be deeply present within himself, while holding space for my sacred journey.  There is also a visceral sensation of Danny’s perceptive listening to hear just underneath the surface of words; to hear my many words … unleashed in a seemingly endless stream of consciousness. Within this, he hears what is often unspoken and invites an immediate connection to my body’s own knowledge. 

There are many confusing paths as we encounter the offerings of a wide variety of practitioners, modalities and teachings.  This can be overwhelming when combined with past traumatic messages within our body.  Danny is unique in how he can simplify this path and continuously shares his intelligent perspective, tender empathy, along with his deep knowledge of the body-mind and trauma cycles.  He guides my wonderings to a personal, energetic felt-sense.  It is through this process that my essence is safely explored, discovered, investigated and directly experienced.  

Sometimes I will write something down, but it is not necessary because moments with Danny are remembered through my body’s innate wisdom.  Healing arrives as I rewire the neural pathways of my brain through this powerful practice.  

Danny has been a tremendous gift in my life, as I acknowledge and trust the beauty of my own intuition.  He celebrates the purpose of a spiritual life as an action in the world, in all our exquisite and individual expressions.