Book a Free Mindful Presence Workshop and you’ll discover a proven process for developing active listening with emotional and somatic intelligence in your workplace.

In this experiential workshop, we will explore a scientifically validated framework of mindfulness to become present and track deeper levels of our intelligence than just the rational intellect.

Here’s what you can expect to receive from the workshop:

  • Notice how the information available to us at any moment can be deconstructed into what we are seeing, hearing and feeling.
  • Learn how to actively listen to others and to notice and change the habitual tendency to check out into our own thinking before it is our turn to speak.
  • Understand the power of emotional and somatic intelligence in building self-awareness and relationship.

You will walk away with a greater understanding of how to remain present for customers and colleagues (and friends and family) and how to loosen the grip of an overactive mind.

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“Throughout my 10 years of practice and study of meditation I have worked as an engineer at IBM, spent a year in full-time retreat, mastered yogic embodiment techniques, and lived in a modern monastery while running a non-profit for three years. My unique experience of learning how to integrate every aspect of this practice into my life while facing real struggles and challenges allows me to offer real guidance based on real experience. ”

Mindfulness is a skill that is basic to human awareness, it is a skill that can be trained with practice and time.
You can think of mindful awareness as three skills working together:
1) Concentration – The ability to focus on what you want when you want. It is the power to direct your mind free of distractions.
2) Sensory Clarity – The ability to track and untangle your sensory experience in real time. Giving you access to not only what you think, but your intuition and your emotions. Being self-aware and aware of others. It allows you to slow down and really be with what is happening without rushing towards some agenda.
3) Equanimity – The ability to allow your experience to come and go without attachment or resistance. It puts us in touch with the basic force within us that resists change by holding on to what is familiar. With equanimity, we neither hold on to the old nor resist the new. This is a skill that can be learned and trained.

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