Embodied Awareness Weekend Intensive

Somatic mindfulness, Breath, Energetic Awareness and Embodied Relating.

Eliminate self-doubt.

Recognize body wisdom.

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Disembodied awareness stands in the way of your true nature.

Return to the aliveness of your embodied experience and be free.

In this intensive weekend, with modern yogi and bodhisattva Danny Morris, experience:

  • Yoga Nidra
  • Systematic breathing
  • Somatic mindfulness
  • Movement
  • Embodied authentic connection

Commit yourself to dive deep within.

Purify blocked energy that clouds your mind and heart.

Live embodied awareness.

Module 1: Relaxation and inner body awareness
  • Learn relaxed full body awareness.
  • Systematically relax the whole body.
  • Receive meditation posture adjustments.
  • Gain full body awareness, integrate inner and outer body space.
Module 2: Cultivate energy and access subtle body awareness.
  • Understand diaphragmatic breathing.
  • Loop your breath – deep, slow, smooth, continuous breathing without gaps or pauses.
  • Breath into the earth, ground energetically.
  • Build energy through systematic breathing. Enliven the subtle body.
  • Breath with your whole body.
Module 3: let go and dissolve blockages
  • Return to non-conceptual somatic embodied awareness.
  • Apply concentration, sensory clarity and equanimity to the experience of energy flow within the body.
  • Overcome obstacles in sustained practice.
  • Identify and release resistance to embodied experience.
  • Expand awareness into space, break down the barriers of inside and outside.
Module 4: Embody connection in movement and life
  • Learn applications to bring these practices into daily life.
  • Find freedom in movement. Improvisational dance, emphasising community and connection.
  • Experience connection beyond words. Embodied partner eye gazing.
  • Learn how to remain present and grounded in the body.
  • Hold space while speaking and listening, in circle.
What can I expect?
  • Technical practices, led in a step by step process to gain energetic body access.
  • The opportunity to work through deeper obstacles though sustained intensive practice.
  • More practice/direct experience, less theory.
  • Freedom from fixed views and perspectives.
  • Discussion based on question and answer, and what the students want to learn.
What will I learn?
  • Confidence to remove self doubt.
  • How to be your authentic self.
  • The ability to stay grounded in your body through joyful and difficult experiences.
  • The basic skills needed to become aware of the energetic body.
  • How to use embodied awareness to remain in the flow of the present moment.
  • Direct knowledge of your mental patterns that create energetic blockages and how to let go of them.
  • A framework to jump start or deepen a regular somatic mindfulness practice.
  • Experience the energetic body, deep wisdom, a clear mind and open heart.
  • Embodied community connection.
What makes this program unique?
  • Recognize body wisdom vs ego.
  • Yoga Nidra as taught by Swami Rama.
  • Community connection.
  • Integrate stillness with movement and life.
  • Cultivate concentration and subtle mindful awareness.
  • Wake up the energetic body with breath.
Where do these practices come from?

Mindfulness, Buddhist and Yogic teachings from:

  • Swami Rama(Himalayan tradition)
  • Shinzen Young(Basic Mindfulness)
  • Soryu Forall(Center for Mindful Learning)
  • Allan Wallace(Shamata/Dzogchen)
  • Reggie Ray(Somatic Meditation)
  • Danny’s direct experience in over 8000 hours exploring this practice.

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Danny Morris

Danny Morris

Modern Yogi and Bodhisattva

Danny teaches Mindfulness, Yoga and Cultivating Emotional Balance as a way to develop the skills to live an authentic embodied life. He weaves essential teachings from various traditions, in a clear and comprehensive way to meet each student where they are.

In 2012 he left his life as an Electrical Engineer and traveled to Thailand, Nepal and India for a year in full time retreat. He has been living as a full time Yogi ever since. Out of over 8000 hours of formal practice, 580 days of full time retreat and 10+ years of study, there has emerged a clarity within him that this practice is real and has the power to radically transform your body, mind and life.

He is a Basic Mindfulness facilitator, practicing 8+ years with Shinzen Young and 3 years full time at a Modern Monastery, The Center for Mindful Learning, with Soryu Forall. He has trained with Alan Wallace in Cultivating Emotional Balance, Shamatha, Vipassana and Dzogchen. He initially studied Yoga with Kathy McNames through the Yoga Vermont teacher training in 2008. He also completed the Anusara Yoga Immersion with Todd Norian and Ann Green and the Self Transformation Program at Swami Rama’s ashram in Rishikesh, India, integrating his knowledge of mindfulness with the physical practices of the energetic body. 

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